The Ultimate Obliques Workout in 1 move

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My Body Sculpting participants feel this one for days. You will only want to do this exercise once a week, at most.(Best done about every 10 days)...Have participants hold one heavy dumbbell with right hand (no lighter than 10 pounds, no heavier than 20). Feet are a little wider than shoulder-distance apart, and knees remain bent. Cue them they are about to strengthen their obliques. Obliques are both internal and external. A motivating visual I use is that obliques are the "Saran Wrap" of the body. You have obliques in the front of your body adjacent to your rectus abdominus, as well as in the back of you. By strengthening obliques, they will have a noticeably tighter "lower abdominal area" (remember there are no such muscles as "lower abs", so tell them "lower ab area!"...Keeping knees slightly bent,and shoulder width apart, bend left arm at elbow, placing it lightly behind head. A straight right arm holds onto the heavy dumbbell and lowers it downwards towards the lowest point it can dip to on the right side. Immediately have them pull this straight weighted right side back to neutral and immediately push left side with bent elbow over to left hip. (Remember, the left arm is bent at elbow and behind head.) This is one repetition. Repeat move 9 times for total of 10 reps. Do this same exact move again, but do it with two counts down to right side, and 1 count over to left. 10 reps total of this. Final part is to do this with 3 counts down to right side, and 1 count over to the left for a total of 10 repetitions. Switch sides and hold weight in left hand and repeat entire sequence from the beginning. Cue for elbows to point up to ceiling as weighted side pulls down as far as they comfortably can. ...Have fun training abs in this unique way!

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