Got milk?

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 9989)

This is simply spelling!! We have so many steps that are named "letters" why not???

**After the 3rd knee of 1/2 L, pop-back (or reverse pivot) and come off the bench. This will put you parallel to the bench so you can do the K-step.

***K-step--Stand parallel to the corner of the bench. Make a complete step to the center of the top of the bench (right lead) and then step down off the bench at an angle. (left lead). If you are standing parallel to the bench, this will resemble the letter K.

Doing the jacks at the end will allow you to keep the same lead or change to the opposite lead. Guess you can have a "1/2 glass of MILK" if you just do one side!!

This was fun and the class liked it. If you have seasoned/regular people in your class, all you would have to call out would be "got Milk?" and you would have the next 32 counts called out in only 2 words!

Got questions? Please feel free to email.


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From: Evansville, Indiana (USA)
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