Resist-a-Ball Instructors...WHERE ARE YOU???

This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 9996)

I have a half-hour resist-a-ball class and need ideas. Here's some of my own:

-Lay on your stomach, hold the ball between your feet, curling with your hams (at the knees), lift the ball towards your glutes. add: after the curl, lift your legs slightly above the ground. Repeat.

-Start on all fours with the ball under your stomach. Walk your hands forward to a push-up position with your legs supporting on the ball, return to starting position. Repeat.

-Lay on your back, hold the ball between your thighs, and press. add: glute lift as you press. Add: ab curl, lift glute, press inner thighs! It's a killer!

If you have any questions email me!

Also, if you have more Physioball ideas, please submit!!! It would help a lot! Thanx everyone!

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From: Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
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