Leg Burn

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10000)

Before you start, establish your directions, North, South East & West, then add the movements to go along with each direction. I usually call this class "Directions for Legs", or "for Arms". Anyway, this is for the legs, my class usually starts facing front, or North. N=North, S=South, W=West, E=East. Any *explanations at the end.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

I usually start with each set per block for 30 seconds, then break it down to 20, then 15 then 10 seconds. This takes up about 18 minutes of my 25 minute Aerobic session (my class is 45 minutes)

*Chorus line, alternating left and right leg, knee up then high kicks.

**Right leg chorus, same as for chorus linee, but one leg only.

**Left leg chorus, see above, but use other leg.

***Kossack dance, upright position, draw knees up to form right angles with the torso, (cue straight back, bum low), toes pointing down, again at right angles. (Just like sitting down). Then lift right foot up and down, keeping knees together.

****Kossack dance both legs, both legs move at the same time, (same cueing, point toes), move arms around for added flotation.

*****Kossack dance V, same as above, but instead of legs going out straight, they go out to a V shape!

Enjoy! Any Q's please Email me!

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