Partner Spar

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 10013)

A couple of quick partner sparring patterns. Divide your class into partners and line them up facing each other. One side is offense the other defense, alternating so all get to do both.



On the second pattern I also like to have the defensive partner "catch" the last kick on each leg by the offense. I actually have the offensive partner hold up the last kick, get their balance, then the defensive partner holds the leg (one hand under ankle, the other under calf below the knee joint). The offensive partner then tries to "get away" by attempting a hamstring contraction against the resistance of the defensive hold. Assuming proper positioning, this is a fantastic core exercise for both partners. (Be available to steady anyone who needs help balancing.)

Please email with any questions and thanks to all who submit.

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From: New Jersey (USA)
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