Dog Days of Summer Routine

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You know what it's like. Even though we only get a handful of participants this time of year, those few and brave still want you to give your all. So, I dug deep for this one - with a little help from my friends ;-)

Somewhat advanced, definitely tapless, bench is horizontal.

*Rather than a kick and then a tap down, just put the heel on the bench on count 4. To do the first inner thigh, pick up the heel and step on the bench with the same foot (with right lead, will be left heel), then go to the other corner for the second inner thigh

**Once again, got this from Leanne, that wonderful instructor at my old gym. Assuming right lead: From the same corner where you did the rocking horse, step up right (1), then left (2), [step up so that you are now facing the back of the room], step or slide across the bench - still on top - left (3), then right (4), step down right (5), then left (6). You are now facing the right side of the room.

***Inside foot - left foot if you began with right lead - steps forward into the mambo, then turn around to do the chasse or the 1-2-3. Stepping on bench to do the triple will be the right foot.

****Now this one I got from an instructor named Teresa at the same old gym! Assuming right lead: After the triple knee step down and then shuffle 4-counts in a semi-circle behind the bench to the other end. Shuffle starts on right, and then you end up on the left foot. So when you do the first glute, step on the bench with the left foot.

*****Just step forward left then right so that you are in a straddle position. From there walk on left then right, then single lunge, etc.

******Got this from another routine right here on Turnstep! Turn straddle then pivot right back to where you started. For those participants who don't like to pivot, especially backwards, I give them the option of just doing 2 turnsteps.

*******To make this work, you must first walk on to the bench with both feet. I cue it as "double glute, down, down, up, up, triple" (thanks, Eileen!)

As always, please email me with any questions and I'll answer as soon as I can. But do note that I will be out of the country from 9/6 until 9/18 with *no* access to email.


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