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Previously I posted It All Happens on the Chorus and wanted to follow up with a complete class I recently used.

I like to program my classes so that they:

Here is my songsheet for this week's cycling class:

1. Warm up-"Start Me Up"-Rolling Stones
Gentle warm up, getting used to the bike, stretches, circular pedal strokes.

2. Increases-"Beautiful Day"-U2-
Perfect opportunity to work off the chorus. Increase either speed or tension on the chorus, starting with a lower tension that simulates flats, with increases simulating small rolling hills or increases in speed. As if we're riding together and working to get out of town....

3. Lifts/Standing-"Don't Stay Home"-311
When the chorus comes in and the song says "Don't Stay Home," we lift up into a standing position and continue pedaling for the chorus (about 10 seconds each time, 4 times total).

4. Drills-"Man of Constant Sorrow"-O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack
No real chorus work here, but great chance to hear a totally different song, and practice pedaling in a "constant circle." Left/right alternate with increasing =resistance, using only one foot, working on developing a very smooth, circular pedal stroke.

5. Pace/Tempo with Breakaways-"9pm"-ATB
We do whatever the song does...if it picks up, we need to pick up too. If it slows, we can also let up our tension and prepare for the next break. A couple of breaks, and a couple of mini-rests. Practice the circles we just learned.

6. Lifts-"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"-DEVO
A short song that we do lifts to on the beat--no chorus related actions. But its a very wierd beat, so we break it into 3s...up for 1,2,3, and rest for 1,2,3...Practice smooth transitions, proper posture, constant speed. Break in the middle, unless class can do entire song (less than 3 minutes).

7. Pace with hard sprints-"Panama"-Van Halen
Keep the quick pace without getting winded, at a level at which you can breakaway into a full spring for 12 seconds. Short, but 100% Recover in between at a semi-light tension--a flat road.

8. Moderate Hill, seated/standing-"Turn to Stone"-ELO
After that breakway, we want to stay ahead, but it's a hill we need to work up. Tension is moderate, around 60%, and we are seated but go to a standing climb for the chorus. It soon becomes apparent why the song was chosen for this activity.

9. Rolling Hills with breakways-"Copperhead Road"-Steve Earle
Slowest speed we go for the entire class...match the downbeat of this song, challenge yourself with the tension. Climb up the hill and get ready to breakaway. Dig deep, focus.....

Once the breakway occurs, the song gets faster--release the tension a little (or not for advanced riders) as the hill gets a little flatter. Get ready for the final breakaway at the end....

10. Speedplay-"It's Still Rock and Roll to Me"-Billy Joel
Kind of a cool-down, lighter tension, like "Beautiful Day", where we want to focus on keeping our legs relaxed, but moving them quickly only during the chorus. Otherwise, a little bit of a lighter spinning.

11. Cool down-"Sundown"-Elwood
Continue spinning for at least a minute or two, then slow down and move into stretches.

I hope this helps. This class can be made more difficult by having higher levels of tension, shorter rest periods, more intense sprints (or longer ones), or by adding more songs. But this is laid out to get progressively tougher--songs 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 can become very tough if you want them to. I wanted to post a complete workout because I find it more helpful than simply saying a certain CD is great--it's helpful for me to know what exact song, and to give me an idea of what can be done with this. If you like this pattern (or maybe if you don't!) please let me know, just email me.

Ride on,

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