Doing step without the step (almost)!! Super advanced :)

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Hello all! I was out doing a fellow instructors class yesterday (ohhh it was so good)!!! I thought I would share it with you all. Remember the front, back, left and right of the room are the same regardless of which direction you are facing (front is north, right is east, etc).

Start on the right as always, no taps, step is normal, you get the picture!


*"leap the L"-
same footing as 'stomp the L' (see previous Miss Dale posts) but timing goes: '& 1',2,3,4 (right,left,right,left). You kinda leap into the "& 1" part of the L

**"stutter around"-
start on left leg gallop, straddle (x1) (see previous Miss Dale posts) (1&2,3,4) = 4 step right on floor at the front of the step so that you are facing the back of the room (5) = 1 step left on step as if going to do an 'over the top' (6) step off the back of the step right,left (7,8) (cross right behind left on '7')

***double repeater push-
do a double curl repeater but on '3' where you would usually push off the floor for the second curl, push off the step instead, and finish as normal (remember it is followed by a spin in the above combo...spin clockwise)

B. (starts on left leg)

*Rhythm step
stomp 1/2 an L-step (1,2) (left, right)
gallop backwards as if to finish the L (3 & 4) (up, down, up) (left, right, left)
step off step as normal to return to facing front of room (5,6) (right, left)

is half of reverse turn on floor*** (see below) (right, left) (1,2)

***Reverse turn on floor
same as a reverse basic but don't use the step- step completely over the step on '1,2' (to be on front side of step facing the back) and again on '3,4' (to be on back of step facing front as normal)

****Jazz chasse over
is the same timing as a normal chasse over (ie- 1 & 2,3,4) but do the following: always facing the left side of the room: step up on step right (1), step down left (&)- (as if you have done a 2-count stomp double time) step over step right (2) rock back/reverse mambo on the front of the step left, right (3,4) repeat to get back behind the step (5 & 6,7,8)

*****Cut the corners
walk around step (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) clockwise, but walk on the step instead of the floor on '1'-(left corner of step, right leg, facing front) and '5' (right corner of step, right leg, facing back).

C. Start combo on right leg

*Step rock back-
facing left side of the room always step completely over the step right (1), rock back on front of the step (left, right) (2,3) repeat to return to the back of the step still facing the left side of the room (1,2,3)

**Special 5 repeater-
step up on step right (1)
tap side on floor left, leave your right foot where it is (2)
step behind the step left, leave your right foot where it is (3)
leaving both feet where they are (ie- right on step, left on floor), complete a 180 turn anticlockwise (4): should be facing the back now
1/2 pivot on the floor to come back to facing the front right,left (5,6)
rebound (see previous Miss Dale post) or double curl repeater (7,8,9,10,11,12)

***Floor pivot-
same as a regular pivot (1,2,3,4), but instead of pushing off the step on '1', push off the floor in front of the step (so you don't use the step at all)

face right wall (1 & 2, 3 & 4) same as what you would do in a hi-lo class, but do it over the step, missing it completely twice

Ready to start again on left leg

I'm bound to get questions for this one! This particular class we barely even touch the step, as most of the time we are dancing around it (but hey, it's fun)! Any queiries, you know the usual drill. Enjoy!

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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