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Heeeerrrrrrrre it is folks! Hope you all are doing well!

Step is HORIZONTAL, and you have a RIGHT foot LEAD. This is a 64 count combo, but you can easily convert it into 2 32 count combos. It self-reverses after the first 32, then just delete the REPEATER at the end, and put in a CURB WALK (chug on, chug over, chug on, chug on floor rocking back) instead.

You are now ready to repeat this 64 count combo on your LEFT lead.


1) Double knee with a straddle skip- this is the move I described on the "moves" board. You do a 2-knee repeater (counts 1,4), step down and lift the opposite knee with a little skip to it, then step down with other foot in a straddle, lift the other knee with a little skip to it! This can replace a double knee with a backwards walk 4.

2) Karate knee - you all know this one. Step knee, walk back 3 and kick, walk 2 back to your step.

3) Cha cha turnstep - you probably know this one too! Let's say you are leading right. You cha cha cha, right-on, left-off, right-on. Then, you just walk walk, left and right, as you turn around to face the other side.

OK, that just about does it! I hope you can understand it. If not, be sure to email me and I will help you further.

Thanks for all of you!


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