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Hello everybody!
Today I want to submit a simple beginner/intermediate step pattern. I use to combine simple basic steps but do a lot of blocks. My classes usually don't like many turns and fancy difficult moves so I stay with basics.

Step is horizontal.
Pattern is not really tapless.
Start right lead


*(arms pull down from above, like if you smash somebody's head on your knee -->tae bo inspired...:-) )

**(step up right and left like basic step, lunge back with tap down right and then left, step down right and left like basic step, lift both arms forward during lunges with real power)


Repeat left (here is a little tap for lead change-sorry, you might substitute this last move)

*Turn around the corner with each knee lift, you end up on the other side of the step, step down

**Start with foot close to step (right) step up and place the foot in the corner next to you, than the other foot to the diagonal corner and then down (for the ones that might not know this move or call it differently)


Now: 2x basic step alternating or 4x jumping jack
then repeat other side


Repeat other side

As you can see, very basic but hardworking. I built up each block with easy steps like basic, tap up-tap down, knee lifts and repeaters, which burns them out already. If you have questions,feel free to email.
Keep up the motivation!!!
Bye, Jace

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From: (Germany)
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