As promised...advanced tapless!

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 10604)

Ok, set up as follows:

                 FRONT STEP

                 BACK STEP

Start in between your steps so you have one in front and one behind. Wherever I write **transfer** it means to swap steps. Face the front, start on the front step, right leg, no taps!!!


*'Little L' into 4 jogs on top, step off- (see previous Miss Dale post for 'Little L' breakdown)
-do little L/low L/normal L (right, left, right, left) 1,2,3,4
-jog on top/pendulum on top/march on top for 4 counts (right, left, right, left) 5,6,7,8
-step off as normal (right, left) 9,10

**Up tap
-after 1/2 indecision, tap the step with your toe (left) 1
-place left on floor where it was (left) 2
-tap step with your toe (right) 3
-place right on floor where it was 4

***Rock back/reverse mambo
-do it on the floor left, right (1,2): you should be facing the back wall and do the rock back so that you finish in between the steps (same as where you started but facing the back)- don't use your step do it on the FLOOR

B. Starts on left leg

C. Starts on right leg

Repeat left lead.

Tip- use the last 2 counts of the move preceding the **transfer** to swap steps. Always face the same way when transferring, don't spin in the middle or change direction. A transfer should feel like the first two steps in a grapevine (the 'step, cross behind' bit)!

e.g.: If I were to (on right lead) step knee, **transfer**, step knee, **transfer**; I'd step knee (right) facing left wall (1,2) transfer still facing left wall (3,4), step knee on left leg facing left wall (5,6), then transfer facing left wall still (7,8)...get it???

Goodluck everyone! It will make sense....eventually! Any problems, just email me!

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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