Weightless Triceps

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10605)

This is something I picked up at Reebok Resolution this past Sunday. I added it to my one of my classes for the first time last night and we all really liked it.

The starting position: Lying prone on the floor as if ready to do a push up. Shoes laces to the floor (toes pointed). Place your hands right next to your chest, elbows point toward the ceiling, fingertips point toward your head.

The motion: Concentrating on pressing the base of the fingers through the floor (not the heel of the hand), and keeping the elbows as close as possible to your sides (you want to feel your arms brush against your sides through the whole motion). Press up lifting your shoulders, then chest, then quads off the floor and lower back down. Remember to keep the knees on the floor and the shoe laces down. Try to press the shoulders down away from your ears.

The sets: I did very slow controlled reps, with "holds" at the top and bottom of the motion...

(on the hold at the bottom you NEVER touch down...it's a hover)

Reps and sets depend on your class and their fitness ability. Let them know that, just like in a push up, they do not have to press all the way up, even if they only lift their shoulders off the floor. Also, remind them about their elbows (as the set goes on elbows tend to start pointing out), and their shoulders.

Let me know what you think.


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