Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off the step we go!!!!!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10608)

OK - I'm sure I'm the last person on earth to hear about this site and now I'm HOOKED!!!! "Hi Ho" is a little "thank you" combo for all the awesome stuff I've grabbed from all of you! This is a great combo for a multi-level class - lots of basic options for the new folks!!!!

Notes: Everything is described with a right lead but when you put it all together, section "A" would be right, section "B" would be left, section "C" would be right - then repeat A-C starting left. "exit" = down, down. Step is horizontal.


(repeat on left side or continue on...)


(repeat left or continue on ...)


(repeat left or start back at top...)

* Standing on the floor: right heel taps right side, left heel taps left side, etc. - can do low or high impact (i.e. "jump" it).

** Hi Ho: walk forward over the step (i.e. right foot on step, left foot on floor in front of step) (1, 2); on the floor - mambo/pivot turn - 180 degrees (right, left - 3, 4) - now you're facing the back; turning basic brings you home (up, up turning + exit - 5, 6, 7, 8).

Break-down good for warm-up: start with 4 toe taps on bench + 8-count walk around bench - change "walk around" to "walk over and around" (to get them used to stepping on bench on (1) and on floor in front on (2) -- Change "walk over and around" to "walk over (1, 2) and mambo" (hold mambo to practice) - change mambo to mambo pivot (3, 4) + march on top (now you are facing the back) just march down, turn back to front - repeat adding in turning basic.

***Repeater alternate knees on top: right on bench, left knee (1, 2), face the back wall and step on bench with left (3), right knee (4), turn back to front and step on bench with right (5), left knee (6) + exit (7, 8).

****Diagonal back - just an over the top moving diagonally back. (Lift knee on count "4" to make it tapless).

***** Chug Turn Crazy Combo: Chug turn (1&2 - right, left, right) + step on bench on on "3" straddle down (4, 5) + up up (6, 7) + hop - right leg abducts towards back wall - hop is on left leg on the bench (8) + down, tap (1, 2). Arms: Standard right arm sweep across (1, 2, 3); left arm - fist to shoulder, diagonally up, fist to shoulder (4, 5, 6) (like standard V-step arms but only left arm); right arm - double punch up to diagonal (7, 8); no arms on 1, 2).

Break-down good for warm-up: chug turn (also called "tapless turnstep", I think) -- change to chug turn up on "3" + 4 marches on floor (gets them used to stepping on the bench on "3"). Separately facing front (although in the combo this faces side): start with basics to the front; change to up up (1, 2) + hop (right leg out to side - east) (3) + march on floor (4, 5, 6, 7, 8) - repeat now on left.

****** Knee + Hook-Knee: Normal knee lift to left corner (i.e. step-right, knee-left) (1, 2) + exit (but stay at left corner) (3, 4); step left to left corner (5), "hook" right (i.e. right leg crosses over - like in a "box" step - and then steps on the floor (6) + down, down, (7, 8).

Email me for clarification - thanks for all the GREAT stuff!!!!


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