Mambo Lunge Surprise

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 10613)

Start with the easy lo-aerobic combo:

Repeat 4 times

Repeat 4 times

Repeat 4 times

OK, repeat as desired and then, go right into these sculpting excercises:

1)Mambo becomes a lunge down forward, right-lead. Repeat 4 times

2) Step touch becomes a slide right, left (really let the sliding leg scrape slowly over the floor to feel the adductors burn!) Repeat 4 times

3) Rocking horse becomes a hop-rocking horse : hop heel, hop knee. The hop is low and used to be able to really contract the hamstring. Cue them to keep the heel close to their glutes and to really squeeze the muscle. The hop knee : same story : keep the knee high towards the chest and cue them to contract their lower abdominals.

After the last rocking horse, go right into the lunges in exercise 1. You can add variations in repetitions and counts (3 down, 1 up etc.)

Try this one, your class will feel the burn, PROMISE !!

This combo works is balanced and works the whole leg (quads, hams, adductors, abductors and glutes), which is allways very important (you all know this of course!!)

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last submission and I really LOVE all of your fresh ideas and heart for our sport, thanks a lot !!! My all time favourite class to teach still is body sculpting because I believe it's the most effective class in with client achieve their goals the quickest. I always do the leg work standing, starting out from an easy lo-aerobic combo and then break it down to the burners!!! This provides your clients a deiceint warm-up of the muscles being worked later on and gets them grooving to the music, I see smiling faces all the time!!!

It's also great for you as an instructor to come up with some interesting combinations of excercises in your sculpting class, you simply pick out a combo of your hilo-class and break it down to their basics!!! I've been doing this type of thing for the past three years know and my sculpting class is my best class because of it!! Love to you all and please email me with any comments or questions!! Sofie

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From: Hasselt (Belgium)
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