Ballet Abs

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This is a wonderful ab sequence that I adapted from the New York City Ballet Workout, which is awesome if you get a chance to see it. It is very important when you do ab work that you really flatten your stomach on the exhalation and keep it "scooped out". This is best done very slowly. Ballet arms are arms in front like your holding a beach ball.

Start with eight 8 count cruches. (4 counts up 4 counts down) 8 ballet crunches -all one crunch- hands come behind head, lift, ballet arms towards knees, lift, ballet arms overhead, lift, ballet arms by knees, hands behind head, lower, repeat 7 more times.

4 on each side- ballet arms in front, lift to right, turn to center, turn to left, turn to center, lower down. Ballet arms the whole time. Do the same thing but turn to left first the next four.

8 slow- Opposite elbow and knee crunch- one leg is straight off of the ground and the other is bent off the ground. This can be made very difficult by exhaling ALL of your air out as you turn , inhaling in the center and exhaling as you turn to the other side. Don't lower you upper body during the sequence. 8 fast same breathing.

8 times -legs bent feet off of the ground. Hands behind head lift, straighten legs, bring legs in, lower head to ground.

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