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Hi everybody!

I'd like to submit a bodysculpting class like I did last week today. I hope all explanations are understandable...if not feel free to email! I like to use fast music for my toning classes (up to 145 bpm - really!) and some moves are inspired by Tae Bo. Nobody ever complained and the participants like it very much.


10 minutes warm up (a lot of moving across the room, aerobic steps, a lot of arm work) a little pre-stretch


From the pre-stretch I move right into workout with

Turn to plie squat again and do some reps here before you turn into right side lunge and repeat above

(you can vary here to have stuff for more than 1 class and it will look a little different every time, e.g. start with lunges right side, do squats in the middle with all the different paces, then lunge other side, count them down here from 8, 4, 2 each for several reps and finally do lunge, squat, lunge alternating with a little tempo, watch technique! (probably something for intermediate or advanced classes); also do narrow squats where you kind of sit down on an imaginary chair, feet hip wide, knees bend and don't shift them forward, use hand weights and raise both arms while you sit down...)


After a quick shake after the last lunge and maybe a mouthful of water move right into "side kicks"

That should wake up the buttocks!


Move into knee lift alternating to loosen up the muscles a little


Time to have a drink and get a towel or mat

(I do push ups between sets usually to give the legs time to recover)


Turn on your back, raise both legs in a 90 degree angle, toes to ceiling, back flat on floor

Now open legs in the 90 degree angle with power, no momentum, and close again but don't touch feet together (I tell them it's like pushing walls away, first with the outside of the legs to open, then with the inside to close again) do a lot of repetitions, optional with straight legs also


Turn into push up position again, do a combination of push up and abs workout: if they are all ladies, they will do the push ups on the knees (easier version than on toes) and then this combination works:


Roll on your back for the abs

Now: put both legs together to the side, crunch straight up, works obliques. Do different paces and pulses here also; switch sides

Finally: stretch and relax!!!!

As you can see, I don't have a lot of breaks in between sets and I usually move from one movement to the other quickly, with 2 or 3 breaks for a drink during the class. This is because it is required at our gym to purchase a bottle of mineral drink, so we want to encourage everybody to not forget...:-) Have fun and I would appreciate some feedback!

Keep on moving!

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