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I often combine step with kickboxing. My BPMs for cardiobox is about 130, but I will pitch it down a tad for when we use the step. I will encourage them to place two risers under each end if they have been working out for awhile. If they are new or feel uncomfortable, then at least one riser, but just a step is okay, too. Step is vertical; you are standing to the left of your bench.

Here are some ideas:

Do over the tops, but instead of tapping down, do a side kick on count 4, and just go back and forth over the bench. Works obliques, too. You can also do front kicks instead of side kicks.

Another one is to place right foot on bench pointing straight ahead (it stays stationary on the bench) and do a front left kick (counts 1, 2), then place left foot on floor and do a squat (counts 3, 4). I do at least 3 sets of eight. They are dying by the end of it (in a good way, of course). Then we shake it out and do the other leg on the other side.

Then I again place right foot on bench but have toes pointing to the 2:00 position. This time do a left side kick (counts 1, 2), then place left foot on floor and do a squat (counts 3, 4).

You can also place right foot on bench and simply alternate left front kick (counts 1, 2), then set left foot on floor and do a right side kick (kicking leg over bench, counts 3, 4).

When I really want a cardio push we'll simply do alternating side lunges and I'll add various jabs and punches (16 alternating jabs; then 16 alternating hooks, then cross punches, then get the idea). I'll keep them going for about 2 minutes then we'll just straddle up and down to catch our breaths then do at least one, if not two, more sets just like the first 2 minutes. It's fun and they love it (I think...).

My male clients really like it since so few of them use the step (meaning they don't come to step class) and it really pushes them much harder than simply kickboxing on the floor.

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