Into an interval

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The following 2 combinations both use a variation on a traveling L-step and end with a heart-pumping interval of across the tops. One combination is 32 counts. The other is 64. Assuming right lead...

Combo 1

Repeat on other lead or go to next combo.

Combo 2

Repeat on other lead or go to your next combo.

* Walking march is a variation on a traveling L where only one foot steps on the top of the bench. The other foot steps on the floor at the either end of the bench--use the same motion you would use for a peg-leg/stomp/gutter or curb walk. (1-Step right, 2-left foot steps on west end of bench while right foot lifts slightly, 3-right foot steps back down on bench while left foot lifts slightly and begins to swing back to south side of bench, 4-down left, 5-down right. Then beats 6-10 repeat the same on other end of bench, other lead.

** L-Around the World is actually 3/4 around the world...Begin facing north. Knee lift with rotation off the short end (now facing south), then knee lift to exit and repeat knee lift with rotation on the other end. Now facing north again, go directly into across the top. (1-Step right, 2-knee lift left, 3-down left beginning to rotate, 4-down right completing rotation, 5-Step left, 6-Knee lift right, 7-Down right, 8-Down left, Beats 9-12 repeat on the other end of the bench with same lead. Beats 13-16 Across the top

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