Mount Everest

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Mount Everest Challenge

Namah Shivaya - Krishna Das 7:17 Intensity: 2,3,4

Point of origin - Yanni 5:54 Intensity: 2,3,4 - 5,6,7
Warmup and light seated - increasing resistance as we proceed (3 increases)

Break base camp (1770 feet)

The Bongo Song - Safrie Duo 3:18 Intensity 6,7,8
Khumbu Ice Falls. Standing and seated climb with increasing intensity. Handposition 2 and handposition 3

Break Camp 1 (19900 feet)

Duel of Fates - Phantom Menace Soundtrack 4:14 Intensity: 5
Rolling hills (moderate climb, +1 resistance, +2 resistance)
"Valley of Silence" is a broad, flat, gently undulating glacial valley basin. Climbers have a stupendous view of the upper 8,000 feet of Everest -- the first glimpse of Everest's upper slopes since arriving at Base Camp. Some of the most difficult days on Everest are spent in the Valley of Silence, when on a windless day it is desperately hot "You literally pray for a puff of wind or a cloud to cover the sun so you can keep moving up to Advance Base Camp."

Break Camp II (21300 feet)

Warriors - The Lord of the Dance 3:09 Intensity: 6 - 7
Fight against the Jet Stream. Moderate seated, standing surge into seated sprint continue to climb in moderate seated

Break Camp III (24500 feet)

Nightmare - Lord of the Dance 3:37 Intensity: 6,7,8
The Geneva Spur is an anvil-shaped black rib of rock fixed with ropes so climbers can scramble up its steep snow-covered surface. It is the last major hurdle before reaching the last camp on Everest. Seated climb - when music changes go to standing climb until heart beat and then back to the seated climb repeating back to standing climb when music changes (surge)

Break Camp IV (26000 feet)

Govinda Hare - Krishna Das 5:17 Intensity: 5,6,7
The Balcony. The climbers reach the Southeast Ridge at 27,700 feet at a place known as "The Balcony." At this platform the climbers rest and admire the dawn light illuminating the peaks to the east and south. A series of rock steps often forces climbers to the east and into waist deep snow. This can often be the most strenuous and dangerous section of the climb, because the wind-deposited snow can be avalanche prone. Seated climb - endurance "Don't let your mind limit your body!"

Break South Summit
The climbers' first small victory of the day, the South Summit is a ping pong table-size dome of snow and ice at 28,700 feet. From here the climbers can obtain the view of the final obstacles ahead of them: the Cornice Traverse, the Hillary Step, and the final slopes to the summit. If it's late in the day or the weather is deteriorating, this is the place to make the all-important decision to turn around.

Victory - Lord of the Dance 2:52 Intensity: 6 or 7
Cornice Traverse. A 400-foot long horizontal section of rock and wind-carved snow, this is easily the most intimidating section of the climb. Climbers must carefully traverse a knife-edge ridge of snow plastered to intermittent rocks. This is the most exposed section of the entire climb, and a misstep to the right would send a climber tumbling down the 10,000-foot Kangshung Face. A misstep to the left would send one careening 8,000 feet down the Southwest Face, were it not for the fixed ropes. Seated climb with lifts and surges

O Furtunata - Carmina Barana 2:38 Intensity: 8
Hillary Step. The most famous physical feature on Everest, at 28750 feet, is a 40 foot spur of snow and ice. Heavy standing climb - 3 increases of resistance "Use your spirit, your confidence - not just your legs!"

Dream a Dream - Charolette Church 3:54 Intensity: 4,5,6
Climb to Summit. Gently angled summit slopes. Moderate standing/seated climb with surge to the top!

Flight of Fantasy - Yanni 5:41 Intensity: 2,3,4
Summit. At 29,028 feet, the world's highest point is covered with an assortment of prayer flags, remnants of surveying equipment and other offerings from climbers (photographs of family members, prayer packets, and discarded oxygen bottles). Covering the area of a picnic table, the snow-covered summit slopes steeply away to the north, southwest, and east. We need to Sprint down to Base Camp II - the highest point for helicopter pickup. Don't be slow or you are not getting off the mountain! Light seated fast with sprints. 10 second standing sprint, 30 second seated sprint, 10 second standing sprint, 1 minute recovery

Helicopter Sound effect 0:55

Namah Shivaya - Krishna Das 7:17 Cool-down


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