Mel C's #5: Basic Step with Options

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10681)

I teach a class titled "Basic Step" but I like to offer levels since many times there are intermediate or advanced students participating. I show the options then stick with the low option so I don't confuse the beginners!

All combos are 32 count and self-reversing. Bench is horizontal.

Combo 1:

Repeat left.

Combo #2:

Combo 1 Options:
- Option on V-step: run the V x 2, hop the V x 2, or Funky V: step up into V (1,2), hop in-out-in (3,4,5), knee up (6), exit right, left (7,8)
- Option on kicks: drop kick/soccer kick (just hop onto the bench and kick)
- Option on rocking horse: step onto bench (1), hamstring over to the front of the bench (2), left foot down on front side of bench (3), lift right knee and lower (4,5), hamstring back over to home side of bench (6), left foot to floor, then right (7,8). On counts 1 and 5, make sure you add a little hop so you can get that leg over for the hamstring. If this is confusing, please email me!

Combo #2 Options:
Knees- karate knee: hop and bring up the knee at the same time (1), pause (2), exit (3,4)
Turnstep- shuffle turn, run the turnstep, turn with ball change
Walk around- you can change this into a hopturn
Over the top- weave instead (right lead: step up right (1), then swing your left leg behind you and step onto floor (2,3), step down with right leg (4).

Hope you like it! Please email me with any questions or comments about the combos!! I am off work until Jan. 2 so I think I'll be posting a lot of patterns in my spare time!! :-)

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From: Clemson, South Carolina (USA)
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