Kauai Cardio Ball - more options for seated cardio!

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10694)

I've been getting great responses to ball submissions especially - I am anxiously awaiting the new releases by Mike and Stephanie Morris (Resist A Ball) coming through Spri within the next few months, meanwhile though needing new ideas I am purchasing other videos and have to say I've gotten a few good ideas from each one.

The latest one is by an instructor unknown to me - Liz Gillespie but there were some good ideas:

Start in a plie squat position with heel raises alternating from side to side, can add an overhead reach with the same side arm (for new participants I always tell them to keep their hands on the ball)

Next hold plie squats alternating front delt raises, then doing a breast stroke with the arms, hold the plie squats making it a smaller movement

Turn to one side and perform small lunges emphasizing the squeeze up and lining feet up so they are heading in the same directing either to the right or left (when I first make the change I had them pause and set up) - these are very effective (arm movement can be added when desired - I did a single arm reach keeping the back hand on the ball) - back to plie squats with breast stroke or washing windows - big circle arms overhead - then change and do the small lunges on the other side.

Next could come a tap out and reach facing forward and then alternating leg lifts to the side could be added. I like the emphasis the wide stance work places on the inner and outer thighs vs. being all quadricep...

I ran through this choreography at least twice.

Walk feet in and using your hips slide them from side to side slightly rising off the ball, then do half hip circles to the back - I made that up on the spot and it felt really good and fun and little funky in terms of movement.

Hope this is helpful...have a ball,


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