Mel C's #7: Cardiokick Step Fusion

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10697)

It seems that a lot of people have been asking for some kickboxing on the step moves lately. So, I figured I'd share some of mine!

Step is horizontal. Both combos self-reverse. Right lead

Combo #1s

Repeat left lead.

*Right foot shuffle (like a quick chug, stomp, etc.) on step (1,2) and as you come down right, left (3,4), you end facing right wall. Now your left foot is ready to shuffle.

** Step up right (1), front kick left (2), left foot back to step (3), side kick right leg (4), right leg back to step (5), left leg front kick (6), exit left, right (7,8)

Combo #2:

Repeat left lead.

* Step knee on the bench (1,2), step down left, right (3,4), step left (5) back kick right leg (6), walk towards step right, left (7,8)

**Facing left wall, step right foot onto the bench (1) and cross left towards front of room (2), bring left arm back (3) tap down right foot (4)

***This one is kind of tricky, but really fun! Face left wall. At the same time, step right foot onto bench and bob (squat) simultaneously with a jab (1), come up with jab (2), bob with jab (3), come up with jab (4), bob with jab (5), pause in bob position (6) come up and spin body to face other side with left foot on step (7,8). Really gets the heart rate up!! Remember to cue to not jab pointing up and down but rather in line with shoulder. To break down, I first bob 3, up on 2, and then bob on one and pop up and switch sides. Then add the jabs.

I hope I explained everything clearly. If not, please email me and I'll help ya out. I love feedback, so feel free!

Mel C

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From: Clemson, South Carolina (USA)
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