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I have a theme night once month for my classes and to start January's off I did a Survivor class. Complete with decorations to make it seem more island like.

I made a palm tree, and put some vines and leaves and flowers here and there. I posted a sign saying Tribal council meeting (with the date of our theme class) I called our room (island) Tombolo island (which means a sand bar that joins two islands). I had some island drum & water type music playing in the back ground as everyone arrived, along with the lights dimmed and a candle lit. (only til the games begun.)

I gave the participants a peice of a kids wooden puzzle as they came in and then when we were ready to start I announced that the ones with a picture on their puzzle were on one team and the ones with a number were on the other team. I asked them to name their teams, and they came up with the accidents vs. the pitbulls.

I then gave them a peice of material one team blue and one green to tie around their arms, legs, head neck etc. where ever they wanted.

The activities I used were relay type activities that one person would run to the front of the room and get a card with instructions on it and they would have to run back and their entire team had to complete what it said before the next person went to get a card etc.

The entire time each team had to keep moving at all times (side step jog, march etc) or loose points to the other team.

I used such props as hulu hoops, exercise balls, skip ropes, wobble boards, weights and even gummy worms (like in the show survivor)

I had a age range of women and men from 17 to 50 and all enjoyed the change from the normal style class.

I asked at the end how many of each exercise they thought we did, and they said at least 100 of each (push ups, squats, lunges etc.) but in reality it was only 30 of each. Every one said it was a great work out!

The last activity I chose was a stumps challenge (again like the show) where I used our steps and did a number of tap ups and knee ups with out touching the floor etc.

In the end it was a tie between the teams and our gym provided each person with a free bottle of water.

Next months theme will be a Heart awareness class (for February). Thanks for all the ideas I have gotton from you all. All my best Jenny H.

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