This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8562)

This is an advanced abdominal exercise. If abs and backs are not strong enough for this exercise, you should instruct them to scoot back down onto their step and do regular sit-ups..

I have them lay on their step lengthwise and then scoot up until their shoulders and heads "Hangover" the short end of the bench. Legs are in regular sit-up position with the feet flat on the floor, straddling the bench. Just to stay in this position, hands behind their heads, is an isometric move that engages both the abdominal and back muscles. I then have them lift for a sit-up, lifting up and coming down only until they are level with their bench. I tell them we are doing "upper half" only. Then, we will do the "lower half," starting at the level of the bench and dropping the head and shoulders towards the floor. I remind them constantly to keep their lower back on the step and, when doing the "lower half," to feel their abdominal muscles stretching or elongating as they drop their head and shoulders towards the floor. If the class is capable, I have them do a "full" sit-up, using the whole range of motion. Between each set and to end this abdominal session, I will have them hold the isometric position with their head and shoulders level with the step.

Hope you can use this advanced abdominal exercise...

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