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The combos below put together some of my favorite advanced moves, most of which were learned from instructors at Bally clubs in the Dallas area. All the advanced moves are explained after the combos. For most of the advanced moves, a simpler alternative is also suggested.

Horizontal bench. Self-reversing, almost tapless.

Combo 1

Repeat left lead

Combo 2

Repeat left lead

Combo 3

Repeat left lead

Combo 4

Repeat left lead

Explanation of moves:
All moves are explained assuming right lead on the home/south side of the bench, even though they may be encountered first with the left lead and/or on the front/north side. The names of some of the moves are somewhat descriptive, but not necessarily apt for cueing. Im sure you can devise better names to use for cueing.

Power L (thanks to Jean):

You will probably find that you will not be able to make a full 180 degree turn, but it is necessary to turn your hips as far as possible. This is not a scissors or ski move.
ALTERNATIVE: any L-step variation.

Knee-V-Switch (this is a variation on an 8 count 3-knee repeater, without a lead change) (thanks to Rita):
Facing forward in the center.

Double Knee-V-Switch (this is a variation on a 12 count 5-knee repeater and extends the Knee-V-Switch for another 4 counts):
Facing forward in the center.

ALTERNATIVE: 5-Knee repeater

James Brown Kick (thanks to Jean):
Facing forward in the center.

Note that this is a highly syncopated move; the 2& count is just before the 3 count, almost like a grace note. Why 'James Brown'? Jean says entertainer James Brown uses a similar move while singing/dancing.
ALTERNATIVE: Basic, Full turn basic, or V-step

Mambo, Hop over, Mambo (thanks to Michele):

ALTERNATIVE: Knee lift, left lead over-the-top, turning inward

Knee, Cross out, Hop (thanks to Rita):
Facing left/west throughout.

Note: make the moves away from the bench on counts 3, 4, 5 smallish, since you need to return to the bench in one step on count 6.
ALTERNATIVE: Knee repeater or Abduct bench and floor (see below)

Abductor Bench and Floor
Facing left/west.

Spinning Pulse Repeater:

This move can be simplified by removing elements all the way down to: knee lift, three taps on the floor, knee lift, exit.
ALTERNATIVE: Any repeater variation

Turning Jacks:

ALTERNATIVE: Up, two Jacks on top, exit

Knee-abduct-switch-kick over (thanks to Ginger):

ALTERNATIVE: Over-the-top, turning inward on exit

Ordinary Stomp-the-bug:
You probably know this step by some other name.

Double Stomp-the-bug:
This adds a knee lift into the middle of the stomp-the-bug move.

ALTERNATIVE: (Single) Stomp-the-bug, one Jack (see above)

Abductor Over-the-top:
This move is similar to the James Brown move, except that it goes over the top.

Note: A small kick can be substituted for the side leg lift on count 2, making the move even more like the James Brown.
ALTERNATIVE: Ordinary Over-the-top

Double Dutch (thanks to Michele):
This move is basically: chug, hop two right, hop two left, hop right, hop left, with the hops done in a straddle position.

ALTERNATIVE: Ordinary hopscotch (see below)

Ordinary Hopscotch
This move is basically: chug, straddle, step kick, exit.

Advanced Hopscotch (thanks to Ginger)
The advanced version replaces the straddle with a 360 degree jog over the bench.

ALTERNATIVE: Ordinary hopscotch (see above)

Slasher (thanks to Darryl)

If you prefer, you can do the reverse hop turn over, and the forward hop turn on the return.
ALTERNATIVE: Hop-turn, exit, Reverse Hop-turn, exit

I hope you will find some moves here you would like to try. In mixed abilities classes, the advanced moves can be shown as options for the advanced students.

Please email me with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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From: Dallas, Texas (USA)
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