Lower Body Burns

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8588)

I love bands and tubing!

Lying prone on a step, hip bones hanging just off the back of the step, rubber band around the ankles (above the knees for those with knee problems). Squeeze the glute to lift one heel towards the ceiling.

The bend the knee to work the hamstring and bring that heel towards your butt.

Release the bent knee.
Lower the toe back to the floor.

Make sure they realize it's 2 separate movements for Glute, then Ham, then release the way you came up. It BURNS!

With the band around your ankles, step touch 2X to the right, squat, lift the right knee, 8 counts altogether then go back the way you came.

Hold a body bar cradling it horizontally at your belly button. Feet wide, toes out at 45 degrees. Plie down - 1 count. From there, come up on your tippy-toes in a Releve (lift heels off floor) -- 1 count, then rise back up staying on your tippy-toes (practice that balance!) - 1 count, then drop the heels back down to your starting point - 1 count.

BURN BURN BURN - I like this one when I'm short on time because it hits basically ALL of the major muscles in the lower body, is fun, and even gives the bonus of balance work - strengthening through the core.

Of course all the counts are for step-speed music (122 - 128 BPM).

Questions - email me!

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