The forgotten Back and Core

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I have some things for the back here - the oh-so-forgetten back! Mirror syndrome - if I ask my members what they want to work, in 2.5 years I don't think I've ever heard, "BACK!" But for posture as well as balance - it's so important!

Have participants stand facing one another with tubing with handles on each end. They each have one handle in one hand, but the other person's tube is linked through their partners - not wrapped, just around it. I tell them to start with "Frankenstein Arms" - palms down, hands straight out, shoulder width and arms horizontal. Have them do a regular row - they can vary the resistance by backing up away from their parner and/or wrapping the tubing around their palms. I usually go around and correct technique because people tend to let their elbows drop instead of rowing straight back squeezing the rhomboids. Can combine with a squat - great for an interval class.

Take that same tubing with handles, hold both handles in one hand and the folded end in the other hand. I tell them start with "Cheerleader hands" (picture the girl at the top of the pyramid.) Palms facing away and about shoulder width, hands up overhead but a little bit in front (not directly overhead and vertical). From there, I say pretend your at the bottom of the pool and swimming to the surface, hands go OUT and a bit DOWN. Moving the pinky-fingers away from the center and a little down - sqeezing the lats together. It's only a small movement. Anyone who lifts weights and has done a lat pull down on a machine should get the movement, but it is so foreign to most people that they need some help. I just try to reinforce that they should be working where the shoulder blades are. Can make the movement easier by grabbing the tubing at the ends so there is resistance than folding it in half.

One Ab thing - partner them up again, ONE rubber band for 2 people. They lie head-to-head with each other, feet away from the other person. Both people perform a regular ab crunch, but have their fingers wrapped around that blue band so they have the resistance of the other person as the curl up. Hands still at the back of the ears. Can also do oblique crunches to the sides and they are still moving away from one another. I know we ALL need some resistance in our ab workouts to see some gains. This is just one for advanced participants who are comfortable with the movement of an effective ab curl.

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