See What You Think! (Tapless)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8593)

3 - 32 count combos horizontal bench, left lead
(We have no mirror on the left wall, so I started these on the left lead so the class could see themselves and me in the right wall mirror.)


*Repeat on right lead*


*Repeat on right lead*

#3 (Mental break here)

*Repeat on right lead*


*Starburst - an abduction with the arms out like an asterisk "*"

**Reverse V-step - on right lead, facing left wall: Step up wide right then left (now facing back wall), exit on front side of bench like a V-step (down right down left, feet side-by-side)

***Knee lunge off end - this starts out as a 2-knee repeater (6 counts). You can teach it at three levels: #1 2-knee repeater; #2 step knee, tap foot down to floor off right end of step, exit back; #3 step left, right knee lifts then taps down off right end to floor, but turn your body to face end of step on tap (like a lunge)

****Triple step - aka: Pony, cha cha cha or run run run on the step, down down. You can teach it at three levels: #1 a tap; #2 a leap up and tap; #3 a triple step: leap up and cha cha cha, down down

*****Spiral turn - aka: revolving door? It's 2x over the top with no tapdown. Over the top right, on the down down, don't tap but turn so you can go over the top with the right lead again. Then go over the top right, and turn on the down down so you're still on the right lead.

Let me know if there are any other move questions. I love to hear from people who like tapless stuff. Please make the subject aerobic related. I get so much spam!!! Good luck to you all!

Love those creative combos, keep 'em coming!

Added by Lisa Gregory at 7:52 PM on Monday, February 5, 2001 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Nixa, Missouri (USA)
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