Turns, Turns, and, more Turns

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8595)

Steps are vertical, starting on left step

Combo 1

Repeat on left

Combo 2

Repeat on left

Combo 3

Repeat on left

Combo 4

Repeat on left

*Tick Tock- step left, knee up right, out right pendulum right-left, right knee up, down, down (CUE knee up, out, tick tock, up down)

**U-turn - turn, straddle, turn

***Stomp- stomp 3 times with right foot cross behind with left foot, then stomp back with left and cross behind with right

****1/2 U-turn- turnstep, straddle, knee hop back around (like a reverse Hop-turn)

*****A-straddle- A-step, straddle the bench, up, up, and off right, the same thing going left, to intensify this add two hops on the up, up

Any questions please feel free to email me

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