Water Circle Arms

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8606)

As we all know, working out the arms in the water can get a little boring, so I am submitting a arm workout that my classes really like. Use a noodle and have everyone get in the shape of a circle. While cross country skiing, have each person grab each end of his/her noodle (you want the noodle to bend upward creating an arc). As they are cross country skiing around the circle, they are alternating pushing the noodle back and forth in the water (the action is similar to a nordic-track motion). The more under the water the nnodle is, the more resistance they will get. Have them switch directions of the circle to add a bit more of a challenge. Switch to a high knee jog and have them wrap the noodle so that one end is over one shoulder and the other end of the noodle is under the arm of the opposite arm - the noodle goes behind their back. Have them hold both ends of the noodle - the noodle under their arm is pushed back and forth - a tricep pushback. Again, have them switch directions of the circle for more variation and also have them switch their noodles around so they can work the other tricep. Finally, have them grab the arc of the noodle with both hands under the water and do bicep curls while doing a kick the butt jog in the circle - after a few times around, switch directions.

Make sure they keep moving the circle and switch directions as they are doing the arms so it doesn't get boring. If you have questions, email me! Have fun and please keep the aqua patterns coming!

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