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I teach a class called variety step. I saw the Survivor idea on this website and decided I would do something similar. Here's how I'm setting it up for my class tonight.

At the beginning of class each person takes a color of paper with a number (1-8) on it. (I just took 4 different colored notecards, cut each into 8 pieces, and put a number on it).

You can break up class based on:

Steps are set up in the center of the room. There should be room on the outside of the steps to set up the circuits.

At the end of class give out a door prize to a specific # or specific color, etc. I'm giving out sugarless gum or something like that.

Basically this is just a way of getting people into groups easily.

Here are the simple step combos I used:

*Karate knee: step knee, walk back 4, little kick, walk back up to step

** Stomp right/left: just like a mambo right then left (4 counts)

*** Diagonal walkout pivot: diagonal across the step, walk walk, pivot right foot (facing step again), walk walk (we have carpet & I emphasize not putting weight on the pivoting foot, make it more of a walk walk)

Let me know if you have questions/comments.

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From: Springfield, Missouri (USA)
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