Meg's Leapin'

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 8611)

Each 32 block reverses lead leg so you are good to go on the left to repeat - I just explained each one beginning on the right lead. Further details on some moves at the bottom. Sorry I am super wordy, but I figured it was best to err on the side of too much explanation than confuse people - especially those who are new.

2nd 32 Counts

3rd 32 Counts

4th 32 Counts


* Leap - Right foot goes forward and jump on count 1, left foot steps near it on count 2, leap again with right foot on count 3 - arms out and up - just like a ballerina leaping.

** Stomp - just like it sounds, stomp with right foot on count 1, weight shifts back to left foot count 2, stomp again on count 3, then on count 5, hop around in a circle over the right shoulder so the left foot swings around following clockwise. Arms - right hand out, palm to the ceiling, push hand out as you stomp, then keep hand out so arms leads as you hop in the circle - a full 360 degree hopping on EACH of the 4 cts. A great fun easy way to change lead leg in 8 counts - as you complete the 4 count circle hop - you are ready to go on the left leg and also have the momentum to kick the left leg.

*** Chasse - Most probably don't need this explanation - but I did come across a colleague recently who didn't know this move - so I'm going to give it just in case since it's not in the dictionary. Step touch right 2X - moving right for the entire 4 counts - arms swing and make a big counter clockwise circle, start at 7 o'clock, end at 5 or 3 o'clock in the 4 counts. Change the double step touch to quick steps in the middle - like a cha cha cha almost - it's high impact. On count 4, the left foot should be behind the right and facing slightly toward left wall.

**** Flash - I found it from someone else here - Thanks bunches, I don't remember where it was. It's just like a Power V-step - jump forward, feet out wide on count one, step back (I reverse lead here) on counts 3 and 4. As you jump up, arms swing out like you're opening your trench coat, close the coat back up one arm at a time as your legs come back on counts 3 and 4. My group loved this and was cracking up.

Questions - email! This is definetly an intermediate to advanced routine - both for intensity as well as complexity. But if you don't take some of the options it can be adapted to be easier.

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