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This is an idea I came up with for a Total Body Conditioning Class I teach. The clients are my regular steppers ages ranging from 20 to 60, men and women. They loved it. Toys needed are medium weight hand weights, body bar, and step.


Soccer Kicks: Step kick corner to corner using the step. **Instead of a normal kick, turn your foot so that your heel is leading, as if to simulate a soccer kick.

Goalie Saves: On the floor, crouch down, as if you were a goalie and bound right then left, as if you were trying to save a goal from being scored.


Repeater Knees: Begin with a regular 3 count repeater alternating from corner to corner. Then switch to a football style repeater. **Step knee, tap, tap, tap, step knee exit. (right,left,right,left,right,right,left,exit left,right.) Then repeat on the left lead.

Lineman Stance: Off the bench, facing the bench. Squat down with one hand on the bench one hand on the small of your back. Squat 2X's then V-step. Squat 2X's then V-step. Alternate between right and left V-steps.

Olympic Power Lifting:

Off the bench. Handweights in hand. Squat and do shoulder presses at the same time. Simulating the weight lifters in the Olympics. (Can use bodybars here instead)


Just as it sounds. Punches, jabs, uppercuts, hooks, bob and weaves, speed bag punches. Tricep work: Off the bench handweights in hand, over the head, keeping elbows close to ears, lower for two counts, extend over head for two counts.


Cross-Country: On the floor, alternating stepping behind, as if skiing, using cross-country skiing arms. Start out slow, then you can do double time.

Downhill: Off the bench feet together, hop side to side while twisting your hips as if to simulate downhill skiing.

This class took one full hour. I warmed up and cooled down. It was an intense 45 minutes. We took water breaks after each sport. You can do all of this in intervals. Ex: Soccer kicks 32 counts, Goalie Saves 32 counts, back to Soccer kicks... and so on. You can do the sports in any combination and for any amount of time. This is not for the weak. This is extremely high intensity, but a great workout and a great change for all those steppers. Any questions, email me. I also have baseball, track and karate. We warmed up as if we were cheerleaders. Be creative. Enjoy!!!!!!!

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