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All those childhood games that you loved so much are BACK!!!! I use these fun games in my sports conditioning/athletic training classes. They totally kick cardio butt!!!

RING AROUND THE ROSY: Several teams of four people. Each get a letter A,B,C & D. The A's step out of the circle and B,C & D join hands to complete the circle. The A's are trying to touch B's. People C & D need to protect B. The circle can only move in clockwise or counter-clockwise position to keep A away from B. I usually do this for 1 minute intervals and then switch to B's out and trying to tag C....and so on until everyone has had a turn. TOTAL CARDIO!!!

ELBOW TAG: Partner up and spread out around the room locking albows with your partner. Pick two people to come center and one is it while the other will be the one chased. The person being chased will sprint the room from "IT" and will latch on to someone's elbow. The partner of that person who was latched onto will then need to run and continue to latch others unless he/she is tagged. If a person is tagged by "IT" that person becomes it and will have to chase the person who tagged them. (this is how the cycle of being "IT" changes) Again, TOTAL CARDIO!!! I usually spend about 8-10 minutes with this.

TUG-OF-WAR: If you have access to a long rope, that's always good. If not, partner them up and use body bars. This is total upeer body and Quad. work. I usually do 30 second intervals. I also add some spice and have them stand on steps (still with partners) and play tug-of-war. If a person gets pulled off the step, he/she is down for 25 push-ups.

"TUBING" TAG: Have one person IT in the middle of room and everyone else on one side of room. Everyone has a piece of tubing hanging out of the back of the gym shorts. Everyone will run from one end to another in hopes that the person who is IT does not grab their tubing. As tubing is removed, that person also becomes it until there is only one person left with tubing in their shorts. This remaining person now becomes it as the game starts over again. TOTAL CARDIO!!!

All of these games are fun for outside as well, just carry the needed equipment outside with you if accessible. They are very, very fun and very cardio workouts. My classes absolutely love them.

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From: Richmond,Virginia (USA)
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