Fun Hi-Lo from Meg

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 8655)

Each block of 32 counts reverses to repeat on the left lead. Explanations following (since we have no hi-lo dictionary).

Mental Break :-)


Step Touch Turn
-Just in case you've never seen it, as you step touch right, the left foot swings around clockwise - turn a full 180 degrees, step touch left facing south on counts 3, 4, repeat that to turn front again. Just make sure it's still right foot step on count 1 and 5, and step touch left on counts 3, 7.

2 Taps in a circle!
This is SOOO FUN! After you grapevine right, tap the left foot out 2X and hold that left hand out, sort of punching sideways with the foot (hold elbow up and just extend forearm out). Now- OPTION, travel that Left foot around clockwise in a full circle (360 degrees) in those 4 counts, then go with the grapevine left and do it again.

Easy Walk

--HOW TO MAKE IT HARD :-) I like this one, simple, lo-impact, but a WORK OUT if you do it right. First off - step as far forward as you can, second - GET LOW LOW LOW! Sit down as you come forward. Arms, reach up count 1, and pull in like a row on count 2, let them move back up and down on counts 3 and 4, but really PULL IN and SIT DOWN on count 2.

Got this from someone here - LOVE IT! It's Power V-step - jump out on count 1 with feet wide, step back on counts 3 and 4 (change lead foot after jumping out). Arms opening up like you are opening your trench coat and flashing, then fold back in to close the coat on counts 3 and 4. My group got a kick out of this one.

Lunge Hop
Probably most know this - but I'm explaining for all those step-aholics who aren't familiar with Hi-Lo! It's like a step touch traveling forward - arms chug forward with feet (hands at waist-height), but then take it to a jump up, clap on count 2. Make sure you are powering up from the GLUTES.

Questions or comments please email me. I have become so sick of step and LOVE Hi-Lo! It is so much tougher of a workout if you really travel all over the room, I tire myself out!

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From: Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
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