Tropical Change!

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This is just a suggestion for a little change in your sculpting. I always spend time after the cardio part of my routine on sculpting a part of the body. Since I think it gets boring week after week to have everyone stand in their spot and follow me, I printed out sheets with 2-3 sculpting moves on it (ones they are familiar with). I hang them up around the room and the participants move around in twos or threes and spend 2-3 minutes at each station, working that part of that body (usually arms, legs and abs.) For example, push-ups at one, arms lifts at another, a squat sequence at another station, etc. It gets them moving around the room and taking more ownership of their workout. They liked the change! (And if YOU get bored, try doing part of the routine in another language! Never a dull moment!)

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niue - a small Island in the South Pacific and I am a new "instructor" - kind of got roped into it because I am the only one with any experience! I love this site and it has helped me so much to create interesting and fun routines for people who have none to little aerobics experience. We don't have much over here, but we like to jam! Thanks!

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From: Avatele (Niue Island)
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