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Set 1

Repeat left lead

Set 2

Repeat left lead

Set 3

Repeat left lead

I love this site and have gotten lots of good ideas, so it's time I give back. This is a good intermediate one. You can add power moves to intensify it. Each set contains 32-count combos and sets are self-reversing. Step is horizontal, right foot leading.

** Make the arms really big-- arms overhead, pull down - like lat pulldowns

*** Repeat 2 side leg repeaters on the same corner of the bench. Add a front kick on the floor on count (8) to keep them from wanting to move to other corner.

**** Big arms- Arms push up overhead on kick, push out to side on floor. I cue this "think like a cheeleader with pom-poms"

* Criss-cross lunge- Turnstep with 2 side lunges to the back. Facing east wall, right foot up (1,2) left foot up wide (like a regular turnstep)-as left foot step up right foot lunges on floor behind left foot (in a X pattern) (3,4), Right foot back on step, left foot lunges on floor behind right foot (5,6) Right foot steps down, left foot steps down to floor (7,8). I cue this "Up, cross, cross and off". Tell them to think about making a X on the floor. Repeat back reversing lead. Starting off I just cue directions, "Up, touch right, touch left, and off"

Thanks! Hope you have fun!

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