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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8671)

This is the last pattern of this routine. The first 4 combinations are posted in January and February 2001.

Bench is vertical. Begin with your right foot next to the left (west) long edge of the bench, facing front. Right lead.



Beginning from the right side of the bench, with a left lead (since that's where you will begin it the first time through the combo.)

Step up left on 1, lift the right knee on 2 while you hop on the left foot, turning slightly to your right. Lunge the right foot down on the LEFT side of the bench on three. On 4, hop again on the left foot and lift the right knee as you turn your body towards the left wall.

Lunge the right foot on the RIGHT side of the bench on 5, then continue alternating sides with the right foot. Remember to unload the left ankle each time you pivot. Do 6 lifts, then on counts 13 -16 squat with the left foot on the bench and the right foot on the floor, and exit right.

Now that you have all five combos for this routine, you can string them together, weave them, or just pick them apart and use what you like! E-me with any questions, comments, brownie recipes or funny website links!


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