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I teach a weekly body conditioning class which is always packed because the format is so popular, each week I use a different plan/focus structured as I would a routine for a personal training client, here's what I did yesterday:

I always begin with a 10 minute warmup on the floor and with some basic stepping and the step will be used as a platform to work from during class.

Bias Squat (Reebok FIRE exercise) - plie squat form, holding light dumbbells, sink and lift side to side holding 3 counts each side, begin by simply holding the dumbbellss overhead, then add a lat pull down with the inside arm repeat this 16 x's then replace that movement with an abductor leg lift on the inside leg 2 x's repeat this 16 x's then add the arms back in doing a cross cut movement - a diagonal pull of the dumbbells from overhead to the opposite hip, do this 16 x's then put it together with the leg lifts (watch for participants trying to use dumbbells that are too heavy - can't do this with too much weight).

Travel plie squat 2 x with "L" delt raise i.e. left arm will extend in front and right arm to the side as you travel right, switch arms to travel left - repeat for 16 or so sets

On the spot: pike forward at the hip and do rear delt flyes with the dumbbell

Stationery Side lunge with a body bar (can substitute dumbbell or exertube) - left foot on step right leg on floor in plie squat position bar is on the right thigh lower down and out to the side making sure right knee is traveling over right foot and behind toes - start with 2 count down and up, break down to singles...repetitions up to strength of participants - emphasize the squeeze pressing back up from the inner thigh of the leg with the bar on it.

Bicep curl: right arm emphasis, elbow on right hip, 2 counts up and 2 counts down - choose your reps

Then do other stationery side lunge and bicep

Band around ankles, body bar for support - perform abductions, toes of lifting leg turned out to the side to protect low back - start with 2 counts up and down, progress to singles and then pulse it out -choose your reps - after 1 leg do upright rows with the bar - hands lined up with shoulders, elbows lead, do slow - do other leg

Seated on step: V sit - balance on sitz bones hold behind thighs, lift chest - to make it harder, release thighs, extend legs slightly (but don't let quads take over) and reach long arms in front - to make harder still, lower legs more, extend arms over head - hold for # of breaths that works for you and students - repeat this 3 x's

Laying supine on step with dumbbell - may want heavier one for this - anterior delt "L" press - palms face in towards body, elbow at 90* angle, press weights above shoulders then release back downt to 90* arms grazing body - choose reps, great for definition in the front of the delt.

Toe taps: legs up straight alternate releasing one leg towards the floor and then the other, start real slow then cut move in half if you want to - cue to shorten movement for any back discomfort - choose your reps (this is for the lower ab region)

Pullover: dumbbells release behind head long as you can and then pull back up above shoulders - works the lats and assisting muscles, good chest stretch, plus uses the abs to stabalize - bias the pullover, too - reaching back and over to the right and left

Put together with the toe taps: As right leg goes down, bias pullover to the left, reverse for the left leg - choose your reps - finish with a straight pullover.

Seated tricep overhead extension with both or 1 dumbbell

Take a prone position, mat on floor or step - do a forearm plank with step under arms - choose the # of breaths you hold it for - can also rock forward onto your toes - if students have problem with this can perform with knees on floor.

And that's what I did yesterday! A hui hou (until later), Petrina

Hi to Jean, Moe and Mel =).

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From: Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii (USA)
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