Body Mix I

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This is an one hour Bodystyling workout which combines a mini circuit (for upper body) with traditional floor work (for trunk and lower body). Each part lasts about 10 minutes. Set up 4 stations, each at one corner of the room. The amount of equipment needed depends on the amount of your students (so 16 students means 4 pieces of equipment per station). Then meet in the middle to:

Warm up

Changes lead leg, so you do a right-left-balanced warm up. Stay with the step touches and prestretch bicep, tricep, chest and back.

Segment 1 - mini circuit

One minute per station, rest and change stations 15-30 seconds. Go through circuit 2 times. Then everyone gets a mat, meeting in the middle of the room.

Segment 2 - floor work

Abductors, lie on your side

Abs, lying on your back

Repeat abductors on other side, finish this segment with one more abs set.

Segment 3 - mini circuit

Go through the circuit 2 more times. Then again meet in the middle.

Segment 4 - floor work

Glutes & back


Stretch out all used muscles as you normally do.

Note: by alternating circuit and floor work your students dont get bored or unmotivated with the (sometimes) hard circuit work or just practicing on the floor. Have fun with it and let me now what you think.

Thanks to all of you for your submissions - without you my work wont be possible (and fun!) at all.

Watch out for Body Mix II (lower body circuit) and Body Mix III (abs & back circuit).

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From: Thuringia (Germany)
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