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The Stability Ball is my favorite accessory both in classes and with private clients, here are a couple of simple combinations to challenge most anyBODY:

Prone over ball - walk hands out until the ball is under your knees or shins or shoelaces (easier under knees, harder as you work your way out to your laces) - perform one pushup and then one "roll in" which is a lower ab exercise pulling the ball in, lifting your butt and contracting your abs. Best done really slow - I like to use music that does not have a defined beat for this so no one feels compelled to move too quickly. Start with a goal of 10...depending on where you place this in your routine that might even be too much.

Another option - in the same position do a dive: long arms roll back on the ball (this is especially challenging) - targets the lats then perform a "roll in" or a pike, whereby you lift hips to the ceiling in a V formation. Once again don't need too many of these.

If anyone needs an easier alternative you can have students on their knees - forearms on ball (prayer position or palms flat)- roll ball away, elbows stay at 90* (longer arms will let triceps take over) - from there roll in contracting abs strongly and out again, slower makes it harder, longer holds extended out makes it hard, rising on toes makes it harder still - you can also integrate pushups with hands on the ball - I usually introduce this first as level one and then go on to the first exercise listed above for those who want more of a challenge.


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