Survivor Series II

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Hi all. Sorry it's been a while since I posted Survivor Series I, but you know life catches up to you sometimes. Anyway here is survivor series II, all combos are 64 count, self-reversing and are advanced. I am giving you my warm up first, them, after each combo, I describe how I break it down. Some of you might recognize some of your stuff in here, thanks for your input.

Warm Up

Total 64

I start with basics right and left alternating. Then I cue for 1 basic right, with the 2 mambos at the left corner (right foot) and the squat (you can always add a mambo pivot on the second mambo anytime you want as most people know how to do that). Then I teach 2 V-steps right, then left. Then I insert the L-step, so I do 2 V-steps right, L-step left and back, 2 V-steps left, L-step right and back. Then I teach the 3 turnsteps with the hip abduction. Then I put it all together.

Combo I

Total 64

First I start with basic right and left alternating. Then I teach the 2 alternating lunges off back of step, with 1 turnstep and 1 tap up tap down. Next we get up and straddle, then we add direction 2 up and 2 back. Then we add the left knee off and the mambo. Next I give them a regular repeater knee, with the pivot and the over the top. While they are doing that I show them an alternative to the repeater, right foot up on step, left foot crosses behind (like a weave), left foot comes back to floor in front, left knee lifts, exit. Should be an 8 count. I then invite them to try the repeater that way if they want, but those who have trouble with it can always go back to a plain old repeater and still be on the count.

Combo II

Total 64

The challenge here for my class was the rocking horse right up on the step. They have done millions of regular rocking horses before but this one has a twist because you are up on the step totally. So I give them single knees in each corner left and right to do while I demonstrate the rocking horse. Right foot up, left leg curls, then the left foot goes down on the step and the right knee lifts, then go down into a straddle and back up, 3 alternating lunges, right, left, right and exit off on original side of the step. I show them this 2 times and then I invite them to join me. We do it together 4 more times and then we 3 turnsteps and 1 tap up tap down to change the lead leg and we practice it 4 times with the other leg. Then we do 3 more turnsteps, tap up tap down and you are back on the musical phrase. Next we do the L-steps off the left and and back, travelling to the right end and back. Then between both L-steps, I insert the I-step (up on the step jack, down to floor jack). Next we do 3 x over the top and 1 squat. While they hold this pattern I show them the revolving door it very simple over the step, but turn on the floor and go back over the step, turn on the floor and back over again. My class had trouble with this one at first, but when I cue it make sure to tell them 3 revolving doors all with the right leg (or left), then squat.

Combo III

I borrowed the broken repeater from someones post here ard it's really a great move do a repeater knee 2 times, followed immediately by a repeater curl 2 times, get off step (of course we all know that this count is 10 and is a no no in aerobics, so to fill the phrase, you get up and do a repeater hip 2 times for a 6 count and a total of 16). That's why I call it a broken repeater, because the count is wrong and we need to fix it (my class loves it), and although I start with single knees in each corner, left, right, I just verbally explain the broken repeater and they all got it the first time. Next we do single kicks left and right, and I cue for kick, straddle, kick straddle, kick exit over the top. I do this 4 times then I insert the diagonal back on the step (like the corner to corner diagonal forward except you move back on the step corner to coner), turn step, pivot, tap up tap down so that we practice it on both sides. Then I put it all together.

Combo IV (Figure Eight)

This combo, I took from Carol Crain, she posted it on December 2, 2000 and I use the moves she choreographed, with no additions of my own. Thank you Carol, great combo

Total 64

I teach the figure 8 first, with the repeaters and the exit (it does not really require any further breakdown, it's pretty easy to get). I think Carol had a slightly different breakdown on her post, so you can check it out if you want to, pattern #8209. Then we do some A-steps, while I explain about the grapevine on the floor, then we do the A-step, grapevine, turn step, Pivot without further breakdown. Put together.

Combo V

Total 64

Again there were some challenges for my class with this one because the turnstep, straddle down, turnstep, straddle down is tapless. When I started teaching step many moons ago, tapless did not exist. We taught people to change feet by doing 1 basic, tap change etc. Now we are asking them to go against ingrained thought and do tapless stuff, well, well. Anyway, first I teach the 2 V-steps right, then left. While they are doing the V-steps, I show them the forward pivot (right foot up, pivot forward, left foot up, forward pivot) then we do it with 1 V-step right, 1 forward pivot right, then 1 V-step left, 1 forward pivot left. Next we do just a turnstep. I explain about the turnstep, straddle down, turnstep, straddle down and I show them the reverse pivot (from the straddle, right foot up, pivot left shoulder out) and the turnstep. Then we do all of this together. Next we do singles kness in each corner, left, right and I explain that I want 3 single knees around the end to the other side of the step and one over the top (lots of alternatives here can do a rocking horse around end, or up knee down knee to add more variety). When we put it all together, the turn straddle, becomes tapless and they really have to listen to which foot you start on or else you won't be self-reversing. Remember if you start the V-step right, then the turn straddle, turn straddle will start with the right foot. Likewise if you start left, then it will be left. Also, the start of the left side of the combo with the left V-step will face the back of the room and this sometimes freaks people out.

Good luck with all of this and if you have any questions, feel free to email me and I'll try to help.

Watch for Survivor Series III coming soon.

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