Double-knees for David

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8696)

I did this pattern last week during my class that I team-teach with David Keoughan. He asked me to write it down for him, so I figure I might as well post it on the site!

Step is horizontal (although you can do it vertically too). Start on south side of step, facing east.

                        W x       x E 

Block #1:

Block #2:

Block #3:

(in completing the following block in its entirety you will visit each of the four corners of the step. If you want to, you can insert block #2 in between each part that begins with 3-2-1-heel so you end up executing it from all four corners as well).

Block #4:

Repeat entire block.

*Double knee, walk around the end: Start with just a triple repeater knee and then switch to the double knee, walking backwards (4,3,2,1,) around the short end of the step. Repeat this for a whi. Here, the quarter hop-turn takes you side-on to the short end of the step.

****Double knee, across the top: Just like double knee, over the top, only you're going across the length of the bench, tapping down side on to the opposite end.

*****On this second double knee, 1/4 hop-turn you end up in the same side of the bench that you left when you did the first double knee diagonal.

******3-2-1-heel, 3-2-1-toe back: March on floor moving up the side of the bench for three, with a front heel tap on four; then march backwards along the same side of the bench for three, with the toe touching back on four. Practise just this part for a while so they get the feel of it. I usually start by going up and back twice, with three knees up and one over the top at first, then reducing it to what you see above.

*******Turn with two back lunges (just like a ski turn, only both lunges are with the same leg -- step up onto the step like you are beginning a turn step, two back lunges from the step, then step down to the floor like you are completing the turnstep). I teach this by starting with a turnstep and then introducing the two lunges and letting them practice it a bit before moving to the next move.

*********Turn one lunge and over (starts just like the previous move, only instead of doing the second lunge, you go over the top -- no tapping down).

This one's fun -- email me with questions or comments!!

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