Middle Mania

This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8729)

Benches are set up vertically 4 to 5 feet apart. Working from between the 2 benches. Home is on the right, 1st is on the left.

   *     *
   *     *
   *   X *
  1st     Home

Block 1

Repeat left foot lead on 1st.

Block 2

Repeat left foot lead on Home facing back of room.

Block 3

Repeat left foot lead on Home facing back of room.

Block 4

Repeat left foot lead on 1st

Block 5

Repeat left foot lead on 1st

*Walkaway - diagonal walk across step counts 1 - 4, pivot turn counts 5 - 6 walk back to bench 7 & 8.

**Quicktap - step up lunge right and left exit opposite of step

***6 count over and back - step right up on bench 1 moving forward, step left up 2, right foot steps off front diagonal corner of step on 3 left foot slightly lifts, left foot steps back on step 4, right foot steps back up on bench 5, left foot to floor 6, mambo back with right foot 7 & 8 or hop hop.

****V Swoop Mambo Cha Cha - from this site - starts like a regular V-step counts 1 and 2, right foot steps to floor behind left foot 3, left foot steps to floor in a V on the floor 4 (the swoop part), right foot mambo across front of left 5, left foot steps 6, cha cha cha 7 and 8 back to step.

Email if you have any questions - and have fun.

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