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I have used this class several times to add a really fun but hard cardio workout and my classes always love it.

If you have ever done anything like this please email me with your ideas

We start off by doing the hokey pokey and "head and shoulders, knees and toes" (I use my daughters cassettes) for a warm-up

Then we play musical chairs: Everyone must shuffle, hamstring curl, jog, march etc. around the chairs when the music stops whoever lost a seat has to go to the side and choose an activity. (I have steps set up and jump ropes and also weights and tubes etc and everytime the music stops those who have lost must change activity)

We play simon says and if anyone messes up and does something that simon didn't say they have to do intense activities like hurdle runs, push-ups, run stairs etc (basically anything that they whine about having to do)

Then I move to a circuit portion. I have stations set up like: hopscotch, hula hoop, jumprope, shuttle run with beanie babies, soccer ball suffle, ring around the rosies, skipping etc anything fun that kids love to do. We spend 1-2 minutes at each station.

Then we finish up with follow the leader. Everyone gets a chance to be leader.

Once again please give me ideas if you have ever done a class like this!

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