Leg Burnout

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8747)

This is an very simple idea I got in the middle of a class the other day, my class loved it.

Holding hand buoys or a knotted noodle, get the class in a line along one side of pool (busy class can use two sides with two teams facing each other) facing the other side. Buoys or noodles held out in front, kick legs behind to travel to other side. When they get to the other side they stay in position and flutter kick like mad on the spot creating a wall of white water behind them. Then, without touching bottom, they bring their legs up in front, push off the poolside and travel backwards, hand buoys under armpits or noodles hugged to chest. Same thing happens- when they get to the other side legs stay in front and they kick legs on the spot as hard as they can, then bring legs around behind, push off the poolside and off they go again.

Keep them going until they are begging for mercy!!!!! Guaranteed jelly legs.

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From: London, England (United Kingdom)
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