Fabulous Over Fifty

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8767)

I teach a fitness class 3x per week at my church where most of my participants are 50 or older. I have also modified this for a class I teach at a gym close to where I work where the participants like lots of intensity (see notes below).

Begin with the right lead:




Repeat other side




Repeat the whole thing with the left leg leading!

I teach this by adding one little block at a time. The intensity can be increased by adding power on the lunges and knees, running the turns, adding a ball-change to the A-steps, and by substituting JJs for squats and hop-turns for diagonal overs. My ladies like lots of repetition, so we usually do the first 4 blocks on one day, then in the next class add the last two blocks. We do this pattern for about two weeks.

** L-step "double dip": (leading left) Left foot on step, right knee up (1, 2), right foot down and squat on 3, up on 4, squat on 5 (left foot stays on step), right knee up (6), step down off the back (7, 8) and repeat on your right lead

*** Figure eight: diagonal over the top (1 - 4) tap down, walk forward half-way around the step (5 - 8), repeat other side (9 - 16) For higher intensity: diagonal over with power, hop-turn 2x

There are lead changes in #1, #5, and #6, so those blocks can be repeated on each side before going on to the next block if desired.

This is my first submission, though I've used a lot of patterns from this site!!!

Hope this one is useful!! Email with any questions . . .

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