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I love working my Boxing class member's legs. With partners, have the partner who is kicking stand with back against the wall. Partner is facing them with the punching targets facing down towards the floor.

The "kicker" will drill a:
squat, right kick
squat, left kick

Continue this pattern for about 1-1 1/2 minutes. Then have the kicker isolate one leg at a time for a true fatigue. (change the tempo for this as well..make them speed up or slow down) Switch positions after about 1 1/2 minutes.

Next, stay against the wall. Have the "kicker" lift their knee to start their kicks from the CHAMBER position. They will only extend from the knee, one leg at a time, to work those kicks. Again, change tempo if you want. Work right leg for 1 minute, then left leg. This is MAJOR quad work!!!

Finally, keeping partners, have one lay supine on floor either totally flat or on elbows. Knees & feet in the air. Partner will stand over their feet keeping punching targets facing the floor. Have the "kicker" kick as fast as they can, striking the targets. Isolate right leg then left. They should feel the burn in those quads and hamstrings.

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