Uncle Art's "New Year's Revenge" Mix

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8346)

This is a series of patterns put together into 64-count combinations. I distinguish each pattern by "parts" so the class will know which combination is coming up next.

Combo #1 (Intermediate Level)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This sets you up to repeat the entire combination again with all leads switched.

First transition:

The low impact alternative to the "tick tock" is to march on top of the step for 8 counts.

Starting with a right lead, put the class into a turnstep pattern eight times, using it as a "hold" pattern until you are ready to execute the next combo. (8 turnsteps equals 32 counts)

Combo #2 (Intermediate Level)

Part A

Part B

Doing parts A and B in effect takes you to the other end of the bench, but on the same side. You repeat the A and B sequences from this end of the bench, effectively bringing you back to the original corner.

To create an "interlude" to the other side of the bench, we do the following:

Part C

Part D

Putting Part C and D together moves you to the other side but the same end as where you started. This is a perfect way to re-execute parts A and B (twice) on the front side of the STEP, followed by the interlude of C and D.

So, the final version, in letter order, should be: ABABCDABABCD. After all of that, you will back at the original point from where you started the whole combination.

Next Transition:

Combo 3 (Advanced Level):





Floor Mix 1

Floor Mix 2

The "Hustle Heels" are two front heels, two back toes, one front heel, one back toe, and then a jack.

IMMEDIATELY from the jack you execute the whole combination in the other direction - changing leads of course.

When you finish the second time around, go to alternating lift steps (knees, or better yet, back kicks to work the gluteus--where Uncle Art has put all the extra poundage due to the FANTASTIC holiday goodies served at his place!)

These are but three of the combinations I use in my class. If you have any questions about them, please email me right away. I will do my best to clarify them. There is a LOT of choreography and turns in this mix, so I don't recommend this stuff if you have novices or brand new "resolutioners" in your class. My class has point-blank told me to NOT be gentle because of the "resolutioners". I have one of those classes we all both love and fear at the same time--the advanced aerobic animals!

Aerobically Yours (Love and Hugs),

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