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Hi! I teach yoga and aerobics ~ LOVE THEM BOTH! I have been incorporating yoga into my floor work and cool down stretching. Thought I would share a short stretch with you all!

Because you will be using yoga in a small portion of your floor/cool down work you won't have the time to explain PROPER YOGA BREATHING ~ so here is just a quick description of ONE TYPE of yoga breathing ~ by no means is this a COMPLETE yoga breathing lesson.


Inhale thru the nose, completely fill the lungs, feel the tummy expand with the inhale. Exhale thru the nose (the yoga way) OR you can tell the class that they can exhale out of the month if they like (they might like this better since their heart rate will still be up and it's easier to month exhale.) The exhale should bring the tummy in. Tell the class that if this breathing is making them dizzy or nausea STOP and they should just 'breath as the need to'! When the class thinks they are doing yoga the tend to take it VERY seriously and OVER BREATH. They should be aware of the breath but not force it. The class will be working their abs with this breathing.


This is called WIND RELEASE, they can use BANDS if they like (you'll see why later).

Start lying on a mat on your back. Feet are on the mat near your bottom, knees bent. Hands are 8 inches from body, palms up. Eyes open or closed (encourage closing to relax) and use the breath. Feel the tummy fill and expand on the inhale and deflate on the exhale.

Bring right knee to chest and hold with both hands. Bring forehead to the right knee on the exhale, stay for a compete inhale/exhale and bring head back to the mat on the exhale.

Keep right knee at chest with hands and extend the left leg on the mat/floor. Repeat the forehead to knee movement with the breath.

Once that is competed you will be resting your head on the mat, holding right knee to chest and left leg is comfy and long on the floor/mat.

Now, extend the right leg straight up in the air. Bring forehead up again, repeating the breathing and exhale the head back to the mat. USING THE BAND IF YOU LIKE ~ You can place the band on the bottom of the right foot and hold both handles in the right hand. Cue the class to focus the hips and shoulder to remain on the mat while you guide the right leg to the ground, extending the right leg to the side on the ground. Left hand should now extend from the shoulder and relax the fingers. You now look like this: lying on you back, left leg is long, left hand is long from the should beside you, right hand is holding the band, right leg is extended to the right side. It's okay if the class can not get the right leg all the way to the floor. IT SHOULD NOT BE FORCED. Now breath the shoulder and hips to the floor. This opens the hips. Return to the center, release the band, hug BOTH knees to the chest and BREATH. REPEAT on the other side.

This is only a small portion of the WIND RELEASE asana but my classes love it! It's very relaxing and stretches the bode! NAMASTE! Sandra

This is not a yoga class ~ it is a portion of one asana (yoga pose). Yoga must not be forced. Have fun!

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